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Art of the American Indians: The Thaw Collection

Eva Fognell editor

With contributions by Janet Catherine Berlo, Joe D. Horse Capture, Jessica Horton, Aldona Jonaitis, Stephen A. LeBlanc, Ruth B. Phillips, and Norman Vorano.

This catalog accompanies a major traveling exhibition from the Fenimore Art Museum. Featuring over 100 artifacts of Native American Art, the Fenimore Art Museum brings highlights of the extraordinary Native American objects from the Eugene and Clare Thaw Collection. The exhibition explores the diverse forms of visual expression in American Indian heritage collected from all parts of America.

Organized by geographic culture areas, the objects were chosen both for their high artistic quality and to provide insight into the complex cultural, aesthetic and spiritual meanings embedded in the art. The objects date from well before first European contact to the present, and celebrate the continuing vitality of American Indian art. (The Exhibition runs from March 7 May 30, 2010 at the Cleveland Museum of Art.)

176 pages

269 color and 11 black/white images 9x11


Soft Cover