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The Cleveland Museum of Art's Bestsellers

The five posters featured are high quality art posters based on reknowned paintings from The Cleveland Museum of Art. Our vistors find these works of art very intriguing as most send a lot of time studying and appreciating them. For more information on these master painters, please visit our website at Click on collections and then type in the artist's last name in the search box found in the upper left hand corner.

CMA Bestsellers cmabestsellers1

Bellows<br><i><b>Stag At Sharkey's</i><br>Poster</b></br>Bellows
Stag At Sharkey's

This painting by American artist George Bellows (1882-1925) is in the permanent collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art. The "Stag at Sharkey's" poster measures 22" x 25".  

<b>David<br><i>Cupid and Psyche</i><br>Poster</b>David
Cupid and Psyche
One of the most popular images in the paintings collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art, this early 19th century painting by French artist Jacques Louis David, never fails to delight viewers. In the painting, we see Cupid sneaking off from his lover Psyche as she rests in a beautiful gilt and velvet draped bed. This art poster has been reproduced with a high standard digital quality.