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Ji Yun-Fei: Last Days of Village

By Anita Chung

Drawing upon the Cleveland Museum of Artís world-renowned collection of Chinese paintings, this volume presents an insightful study of a museum acquired work acquired by the museum in 2012 that occasions prompts dialogue between traditional forms of art and contemporary environmental issues. Centered on a current and highly controversial venture that involves diverting water from the countryís Yangzi River, Ji Yun-feiís (b. 1963) visually complex painting, Last Days of Village Wen, uses the traditional Chinese form of the scroll to convey a fictional narrative addressing real and palpable concerns. The contentious undertaking to divert water has resulted in mass human migration and destruction of ecosystems, spurring the artist to reflect on shifting values and to use painting as a vehicle for potential change. This book explores how Ji Yun-feiís work situates itself within that tense tract between the old and the new, as he incorporates elements of both history and fantasy to highlight modern societyís increasing detachment from ancient notions of harmonious human/nature relationships.

Ji Yun-Fei: Last Days of Village Wen Fri, is on exhibit from February 12 to July 31, 2016, at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

55 Color iIllustrations
84 pp.
11.5 x 10.5 inches
Published 2016